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On this page, an Outcome can be edited to display exactly what how you want. There are seven options to fill in. Two of which are not mandatory but for reporting purposes.

  1. Active - If the Outcome is going to be active in the exam, choose True from the drop down list
  2. Value - Give the Outcome a name that will be stored in the database
  3. Description - The name of the Outcome will appear in the Outcome drop down list at the bottom of the exam
  4. Script - Add in some notes for the users to make sure they understand what the function of the Outcome is
  5. Display Category - There are two values in this drop down list - Complete and Incomplete. Complete Outcomes are finished Outcomes. Incomplete Outcomes are still active.
  6. Report Grouping 1 -
  7. Report Grouping 2 -

Edit Outcome.