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Main Menu > eCourse Management > Book Management > Edit a Book > Choose the Book >

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This section of the eCourse Management page allows you to edit details on an eBook you created. The changes you can make include:

Name - This allows you to choose a name for the Book

Numeric Sort Order - This allows you to choose the sort order of the Book amongst all Books()

Description - This is where you can create a description of the book

Footer Line - What ever you information you decide to fill into this section will be copied along the bottom of every page in the eBook. This line supports HTML code, including img and other standard tags.

Page Navigation Bar Type - This option depicts how a user will be able to navigate the book. Options include (Next, List, None, NavOnly)

Page Reference Bar Location - This option lets you choose where the page reference bar should be located. Choices include (Top or Bottom)

Display Limiting - This allows you to choose weather or not the eBook should be available to use. It does this through 3 options.

  • Choose weather the book should be displayed or not.
  • Choose the date when the eBook will be visible.
  • Choose a date when the eBook will no longer be visible.