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1 Overview

Often there is a requirement to put a PowerPoint into a page of an eCourse. This a very straight forward procedure but there are a few options available.

2 Process

2.1 Convert to PDF

First and easiest thing to do is to convert the PowerPoint to a PDF document.

If you Microsoft Office 2010 or greater, you can "save as" as a PDF document.

Alternately if you don't have this version of office there are many free on-line tools which can help:

2.2 Upload the item

Once you have your PDF the easiest option is to have it ready to go on your desktop. Open the page you want to put your PDF on.

If you have the right permissions you will find a button at the bottom of the page called "Add Media to this Page".

Powerpoint eCourse 001.png

Click on this. On the next screen, browse to the PDF on your desktop and click upload.

Powerpoint eCourse 002.png

After the PDF has been uploaded you will be presented a screen as follows. There is nothing to update on this screen at the moment, just click "Edit Asset"

Powerpoint eCourse 003.png

Next page has a number of links, choose "View the Page"

Powerpoint eCourse 004.png

Now you can see your PowerPoint displaying on the page.

Powerpoint eCourse 005.png

N.B.  You must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed in order to view the document in the browser.  You can get Adobe Reader here:

2.3 Making the content searchable

2.3.1 Step 1: Method 1: Text from PowerPoint

The content within the PDF is protected. It stops it being searchable by default. We need to extract the text and make it searchable.

The process for this is quite easy. Again in the original PowerPoint choose Save As and this time choose the type "Outline / RTF". (3rd from bottom in the image). This will give you a Word type document on your desktop.

Powerpoint eCourse 006.png

When you open it up, you'll have your text. We need to select all of this (Ctrl and A then Ctrl and C).

Powerpoint eCourse 007.png

2.3.2 Step 1: Method 2: Text from Adobe Acrobat Reader

In Adobe Acrobat reader, open the PDF. From the file menu choose "File > Save as other > Text" then save it to the desktop.

Powerpoint eCourse 011.png

You should now have a text document which you can lift the contents from using (Ctrl and A then Ctrl and C)

Powerpoint eCourse 012.png

2.3.3 Step 2. Text into BXP

Now we go into bxp again and we are going to add the searchable keywords to the PowerPoint.

Main Menu > eCourse Management > Asset Management > Asset - Make Uploaded File searchable > Locate your asset > You will see the screen below or similar

Paste in the words from the RTF document

Powerpoint eCourse 008.png

Click "Add Searchable Words". Now your PowerPoint is searchable through the system. You can manipulate what words to include / not include through this process.

To search your content, pick a specific word you know was added e.g. in our example the word in the bottom right... type in ... preliminary and then hit return on the keyboard

Powerpoint eCourse 009.png

You should get your content as one of the items if it matches

Powerpoint eCourse 010.png