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To Begin the blacklist process you must login to the server controlling the hmail service in the comms room. The credentials to do this can be found on b#

Once logged into the server open "hMail Administrator" and begin following the process below.

Navigate to the "Rules" option as this is where we will create our blacklist.

1 Creating the hMailServer Rule

Each rule in hMailServer comprises of two parts called the criteria and the action. The criteria defines the search pattern(s) used to identify the email which you wish to apply your rule to, and the action defines what tasks are executed when the criteria takes place.

The first step you need to take to create your rule is to open the hMailServer administration window and select the rules item from the tree menu on the left, as shown below in figure 1.

hmail1 0.png

Click the add button in the right hand panel to start the hMailServer rule wizard. You should now be presented with the window shown below in figure 2. The first thing to do is to give your rule a name, which would usually be something representative of the task(s) it will be performing. The next step is to decide if the criteria should use an and or or method of pattern matching. Using the and method would mean that every single criteria would need to be met before triggering the action, where the or method would only have to match any one of the criteria to trigger the action.

hmail2 0.png

Next you need to push the add button from under the criteria section which will bring up the window as shown below in figure 3. In my case I wanted to check when email was being sent from my server to hotmail, so I selected the recipient list menu item from the predefined field drop down menu. I then set the search type drop down menu to contains, and then in the value text field I placed the string @hotmail.co as the text pattern to match against. This criteria meant that any time a user sent an email to an address that contained @hotmail.co the action for my rule would be triggered.


2 Step Process

  1. Get the email address you would like to blacklist
  2. Login to hMail Admin, Navigate to the rules section and click add rule 
  3. Choose "From" field, Choose "Equals" and the put the exact email you want blacklisted into the Value field for "Equals". Click OK 
  4. Now, in the Actions Tab. Click "Add". (choose the option to happen once the above rule is triggered). By default you should choose email. This will drop all emails from the specified email address in the "Equals" field.


Some emails can come into peoples emails through hidden/masked addresses. This is one of the methods to be used in order to find the "true" sender address.

1. Look at the below email. The address its coming from appears to be sales33@fedexsh.com. Follow the below simple steps in order to uncover the masked email address.

hidden email 1.png

2. We first want to examine the internet header properties of this email in order to find this masked address. Do this by double clicking the email and the selecting "File" then "Properties"

hidden email 2.png

3. We are now greeted with the information hidden within the email. The internet headers section at the bottom of this window is where you may find or multiple email addresses to block. Al so point to note that the reply to email address would send to another email address rather then sales33@fedexsh.com..

hidden email 3.png

4. In this instance I recommend blocking:

                   1. sales33@fedexsh.com.
                   2. ihhyyxgs@126.com{| class="wikitable"