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1 Overview

This is an extremely important part of setting up a campaign.

Field mapping is the mechanism by which bxp software maps its data fields to the fields in your form. bxp software designates fields using its own nomenclature. e.g. strCDA_41_field_3_1. (Campaign database 41, field 1, subpart 3). In BE this represents the surname in a complex title block. Clearly, it’s easier for us to understand Surname so field mapping allows you to tell BE that strCDA_41_field_3_1 = Surname.

You can read more about how the concept works here. Understanding_Field_Mapping

All reports, searches and displays will use your name rather than the BE name which is why this part of the set-up is so important.

2 Field Mapping – Manage

This is where the Data Field, Database Question and the New Column Name are displayed.

The New Column Name field can be edited and it is important that each field in this column has a unique name. For example if there is a Complex Address Field in the campaign you must distinguish between each field in this block; Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3.

Always go to Field Mapping – Manage after building a form to ensure that the column names are mapped correctly and that there are no duplicates. This is important when importing a data file, for example an excel spread sheet. The spread sheet headings too, must match the column names in the New Column Name in the Database - Field Mapping section of the system.

The process of updating the field mapping names will automatically remove single inverted commas, semi colons and commas. The field names will also be trimmed to remove leading and trailing spaces. So [Name';,`1 ] will become [Name1]

3 Field Mapping - Reset

This allows you to reset the fields’ names to the defaults when the form was first built. NOTE, this action is irreversible!