Customised Group - Custom Configuration Considerations

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Customised Groups allow for very advanced configuration settings to be built for reports. This page goes through a number of those advanced options and their configurations.

1 Worklist items with no contacts

When generating a worklist using customised groups, the system is designed to look at time periods. The time periods use the CCLs of the records to generate the listing. When creating the worklist if the list has just been loaded from an external source, then there will be no CCLs resulting in the worklist being empty.

On the first page of customised grouping parameters, under the worklist setting option it is possible to tell the group to only look at the CDAs and not the CCLs

Setting "Include records with no CCl's" to true will cause the engine to look at the Date Time of the CDA and not use CCLs.

2 Rolling Totals exact value matching

If an exact match on the rolling total value is required using an exclamation mark (!) at the start of the value will cause the engine to use an exact match rather than a like match.