CrossLinked Calculation Fields

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Calculations will only work on numeric data. Where text or a blank field is encountered it is converted to the numeric value 0. Fields with text will be included in the count. Fields with no data at all will not be included in the count.

The calculations performed are always done when all data has been generated therefore the summary box will always appear at the bottom of the report to ensure maximum speed of report generation.

Format of this item is:


Functions available:

  • sum : the numeric sumation of all values
  • count : a count of how many entries exist
  • mean : the average
  • min : the minimum value from all entries
  • max : the maximum value from all entries


  • parent
  • child

To get the total amount of a number field in the child database would look like: sum#strCDA_2_field_0_0#child;

Numerous calculations can be created by separting the entries with ; sum#strCDA_2_field_0_0#child;mean#strCDA_2_field_0_3#child;

If you have any challenges using this feature please let us know.