Creating custom groups for outbound contact

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1 Overview

If you want to be able to contact subgroups of records with a form. e.g. everyone in Category 3, to let them know about a service change for their category. It won't be all the records but is more than just 1 or 2 records.

This wixi goes through how to manage the groups, using a worked example.

2 Background

In order to fully appreciate the processes here, you will need to understand how the outbound contact management engine works in bxp Outbound_-_Queue_Management

3 Data

We start with a form of data. For this example we are using the UK-100 data set to put 100 records in a form, created using Excel. Form_-_Create_from_Excel and the data set can be retrieved from File:Uk-100.xlsx

When we look at the data there is only one large block of Imported 0 records to contact.

Main Menu > Outbound Contact > Queue Management > Set Current Working Outcome > Choose the form

<<image to go here>>

4 Custom Groups

Ok, so of all these records we only want to contact those who are "contact by" with a value of Phone. Your custom group can be any amount of details.

Main Menu > Outbound Contact > Queue Management > Create custom contact group > Choose the form

  • Field : contact by
  • Value : Phone
  • Matching : Exact match

Click "Group Recipients"

  • Group Name : Phone Only

Click "Click here to add an item to the current working queue"

We have 64 contact by "Phone" records, but they are split all over the data. bxp is going to group these, so you don't have to worry about their order. They will be given out on a first loaded, first served basis. i.e. oldest first.

So the first phone customer is the "Emma Lacey" record.

So how did bxp group them? It changed the contents of two fields. It changed strCDA_X_Status = 'Phone Only' and it set intCDA_X_NoOfAttempts = 0.

So now we want to work on those records. We queue them up by click the number.

  • If we choose, Imported 0 records we get "Tamesha Veigel"
  • If we choose, "Phone Only" 0, we get presented the Emma Lacey record correctly.

We choose test outcome

We see the records end up in the same stacks.

We then decide, we're going to create, a new but different campaign.... and email campaign to only

  • Field : email
  • Value :
  • Matching : Ends with

Select * from Table Where

  • field = 'test'; Exact match
  • field = '%test%'; Like
  • field = 'test%'; Starts with
  • field = '%test'; Ends with
  • field > 'test'; Greater than
  • field < 'test'; Less than
  • field != 'test'; Not exact match
  • field != '%test%'; Not like

22 records in the hotmail group