Concept - The Right Messaging Tool

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1 Overview

There are many communications tools within bxp software (bxp). Cooshing the right tool for the message can greatly influence how effective the tool is.

2 Communications Centre

Communications Centre allows SMS and email messages to be sent. This communication method does not really provide an auditable trail as the message cannot be guaranteed to be delivered. Email is a non-guaranteed delivery method. With SMS a phone can be lost or not turned on.

3 eLearning and Development

For short time limited messages that must be audit trailed use of the Information Centre is the most effective.

For longer time period messages and documentation of processes and procedures eCourse is the best toolset.

Combining Information Centre and eCourse allows a better delivery for longer level procedures. For example, putting a message into the Information Centre, that there has been a change of procedure, but putting the procedure in the eCourse is the best approach. You can use the tracking of the "I have read and understand" power of the Information Centre along with the long term documentation management of eCourse to best deliver this type of information change.

There are other messaging tools possible throughout bxp in the tools. A "notes" field is common place throughout bxp to allow people who add content to the system reminders as to the hows and whys the content was added.

4 Form Management

In Form Managmenet specifically there are a number of mechanisms

The Opening Script allows for a an opening to allow for consistent opening delivery

Each question in the form can contain Notes to remind agents what the question is attempting to achieve. Extra reminders as to what is to be captured can also be added

Within a form, validation with pop up messages can be used to improve data quality of data capture.

Each outcome can have a separate script to remind the agent as to what will happen next with this particular outcome.

5 System Wide

It is possible to change the entire interface of bxp to add custom HTML and JavaScript to every page of bxp. Through the System Access Management module it is possible to put custom code on every page throughout.