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1 Overview

In bxp, the ability to create email templates is available through the communications centre module.

The standard email template engine required the user to know a small amount of HTML code.

The bxp development team have now added a plugin that will create the HTML for the user and allow the user to save this as a template, instead of creating one from scratch.

With this expansion, a test email can now be sent while editing a template so the user can see how the email will appear when received by the intended recipient(s).

2 Adding a Rich Text Template

From the main menu follow the below path:

Main Menu >> Communications Centre >> Templates >> Template - Rich Text - Add


Fill in the template name. Select 'public' if the template is available to all users, or 'private' if it is only available to the person who created the template.

There is an option to add an image footer and header if so desired, but these are not mandatory.

The HTML email can now be created using the HTML editor on screen.

For more information on using the HTML editor see the below link:

RichTextTemplatesMenu Add.png

Once you are happy that your template is now complete, click the Add Template button to save the template.

3 Editing a Rich Text Template

To edit a template, follow the same path as adding a Rich Text template but select the edit option.

Then lookup the template using the template name.

If you do not remember the template name, enter nothing and the search will return all templates.

Click on the template you require to view the edit screen.

RichTextTemplatesMenu Edit.png

The only difference between add and edit is the ability to send a test email using the template.

Click the Send Test Email button.

The next screen will allow you to enter an email address and subject.

Then a test email can be sent to see how the email will look when it is sent.

RichTextTemplatesMenu Email.png

Note: Templates generated through the system are compliant with current HTML standards however some email clients may display the email differently i.e. gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

4 Deleting a Rich Text Template

To delete a rich text template from the main menu follow the below path:

Main Menu >> Communications Centre >> Templates >> Template - Rich Text - Delete

Enter the name of the template or part thereof and click Find Items.

If you enter nothing and click the button all templates will be returned.

RichTextTemplatesMenu Delete.png

Once the template is displayed, tick the box beside it and then click the Delete button.