Comms SMS Engine Enhancements 2014 04

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1 Message Enhancement

bxp software now has an enhanced SMS sending engine capable of sending 3 sets of 157 characters as one single message.

160 characters if a single message. 157 characters per message if the message spans more than one message.

The engine has also been improved to send up to 50,000 contacts a message with a single send, as opposed to the previous splitting into groups of 100 contacts per send. This sees a huge speed enhancement in sending to large groups.

Previously bxp software used the HTTP API of our SMS provider, this has now been changed to use our SMS providers XML API. With this change in API, it enables bxp software to send bulk SMS's to a much bigger group then before and also increases the security of the process as the contact numbers and SMS body are encrypted thus reducing the chances of the contact numbers being intercepted.

2 Reporting Enhancement

Now it is possible to perform real time update information requests on SMS message status. This live update engine integrates with our SMS provider to request a network status update for every message sent.