Cisco WebEx: Arf to AVI

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1 Cisco WebEx : Arf to AVI

The Following are the detailed steps need to convert a WebEx with the file extension Arf to an AVI file


Open Network Recording Player.


Click on the "file" and Select "Open".


Find and Open the .Arf file you want to convert to the WMV format.


Click on the "File" and select "Convert" WMV (Windows Media Format)."

It opens the conversion as a tray icon, so when you click convert it can be a little deceptive.

The conversion is frame by frame so conversion is as long as the video is!!

Be Warned!! 


Select the location where you want to save the WMV file.


Select the appropriate options for the conversion process. Typically you will determine when and which codec you want to use during the conversion process.


Click "OK" on the " Convert to MWV(Windows Media Format)" dialog and the confirmation dialog box.


The conversion will occur either immediately or at the specified time.

1.1 Converting to any other Format..

Download "Free Studio" the purple icon with FS in it. VERY handy toolkit and free.

Be careful with the install as you do not need all the extra software it offers.

So always choose a custom / advanced install and untick everything as it goes through.

When up and running. "DVD & Video" and then "Free AVI Video Converter".