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1 Overview

Career paths are used as a way to manage automatic access to modules, menu settings, forms and eCourses when a user has passed a number of assigned exams/tests.

2 Add / Editing a Career Path

To add a career path follow the below path:-

Main Menu >> System Access Management >> Security - Content Access >> Form Career Path - Add Career Path


Enter the name of the new Career Path and set if it is active or not.

The next step is really important, the user to copy.

The person selected will be the person that needs to be cloned when the career path has been completed.

The user that completes the career path will be given all of the access of the person selected to be copied and their menu options replaced with the template user.


The next section lists of all of the exams in the system.

Select the exams that will be part of the career path.


When finished click the Add Career Path button.

Note: The add and edit sections have the exact same process.

3 Automatic Access and How It Works

Once a career path has been added, the system adds a link to each exam that is part of the career path.

Each time a user takes an exam the career path is checked to see if the user has passed all of the exams.

If the user has passed all of the exams that make up the career path, the system automatically begins the user copy process and grants the user who completed the exam all of the access of the template user.

This does not override the users access but add to it, so anything the user already had will be retained.

The only sections that get overridden are the users menu options.