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1 Overview

This document forms part of the bxp Release 10 Service Enhancement Release 2 suite of changes found here Bxp_Release_10_SER_2_prerelease_notes

1.1 Communications Centre 006.png

1.1.1 Communications Report enhancement

The current communications reports include a total amount of communications based on the total recipients. If a wrong data source field is chosen by mistake no communications are made but the report identifies that X attempts were made. The reports will be modified to list both values, obvious blank / incorrect data counts and attempted recipient counts.

Using an SMS example : Whilst not validation can be provided on “looks kinda right data”... no values or text in values will result in that attempt not being counted.

1.1.2 Attachments

The bxp email engine is to be expanded to facilitate the sending of attachments with emails. This change will require file management capabilities to be added to the module.

The primary attachments will allow files from the Report Library module to be added to the emails. Delivery rates will be reduced but the facility is sought by numerous clients.

This facility will also provide the basis for outcomes in a form being able to attach documents directly.

1.1.3 Mail Merge issues

The engine of bxp had a direct integrated link with Word. Create.Object(“Word.Application”)

This used Microsoft Office XP which is no longer supported by Microsoft. As a result the engine has been disabled for security reasons.

An alternate using RTF is being investigated and applied and will be available in this release.