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So why would you trust All n One with your business? One of the best ways of comparing our service and solution is to look at our pitch.

So using some really good industry advice....

1 1. Business summary

What your product/business actually does. Your elevator pitch will come in handy here.

2 2. USP

What are you “the only” of?

3 3. Management team

Name the founders and key execs and include a short bio.

4 4. Key customers

Name a few of your biggest and most important customers and provide some testimonials.

5 5. Customer problem

Explain the problem your prospects have.

6 6. Solution

Define how your solution fixes that problem.

7 7. Target market

Describe your target market, location, job title in as much detail as possible.

8 8. Opportunity or size of market

Illustrate the size of the market and how much of this you hope to corner.

9 9. Sales and marketing

Briefly describe your sales and marketing strategy – how you will sell, how you plan to create brand awareness and inbound calls.

10 10. Describe your revenue model

11 11. Competitors

list your competitor solutions and how your product differs.

12 12. Competitive advantage

Explain your competitive advantage.