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1 Overview

bxp has the ability to allow individual user accounts to have an email signature associated with the account. Users have the ability to create there own email signature, system champions have the ability to view and edit any accounts email signature in bxp through the edit user details section in the module of system access management.

2 Creating my email signature

In order to add an email signature to your user account, simply click on the "My Details" button at the bottom of every page in the "I Want To Bar". Once here you have a full rich text editor were you will be able to create your own email signature with hyperlinks, images, gifs and all standard word processing options.

email Signature.png

3 bxp Email Signature In Use

Any aspect of bxp that sends an email whether it's outcome's, communication center or the scheduling engine you can have the current logged in users email signature be sent in the email send provided they have one set up.

To include the email signature in the email send simply add --bxpSignature-- to the location in the body of the email you are sending to add the dynamic signature replacement functionality. No email that is sent from bxp will include --bxpSignature-- even if the user has no email signature associated with their account.