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Every 24 hours All n One makes a backup of every client database. This backup is automated and managed by All n One.

Backups are encrypted using AES256 and unique passwords by client and securely stored within the ParkWest facility.

As a result of the structural approach that All n One have adopted to the database and systems design, it is possible to restore all or parts of the backup.

Backups are retained by All n One for six months. It is important to note that the data within the backup may be older than six months. e.g. we keep records for 7 years, however a restorable backup is only kept for six months.

Backups are not interacted with by All n One staff except through specific client request.

Restorations are billed at one hour or part thereof.

Clients can request backup restoration through standard support contact mechanisms. Understanding_bxp_Support

Customisation of dates / times, items backed up and encryption exceptions can be specified via the contract as it may have an operational cost impact depending on the options required.