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1 Overview

This function is part of the bxp API App suite of functions. [ [ Bxp_API_-_APP_API ] ]

2 Form Lookup Function

Primary Function: Provide listing of records matching search criteria

You must post eight key pair values. (not including the semi colons)

  • strFunction:formlookup
  • strSystem:client_demo
  • intClient_Id:123
  • strClient_SessionField:asdfasdfasdf
  • intCampaign_Id:1
  • strSearch_Field:strCDA_1_field_0_1
  • strSearch_Value:Name
  • strReturn_Fields:strCDA_1_field_0_2,strCDA_1_field_0_3

intCampaign_Id is the form id of the form to be searched.

strSearch_Field is the field to be searched.

strSearch_Value is the value to be searched for.

Field and Value can have multiple entries when separated by [ [ --SEP-- ] ]

strReturn_Fields are the fields to be returned.

The system will respond with XML.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

3 Form Insert Function

Primary Function: Provides a way of injecting records into a CDA table

You must post eight key pair values. (not including the semi colons)

  • strFunction:insert_formrecord
  • strSystem:client_demo
  • intClient_Id:123
  • strClient_SessionField:asdfasdfasdf
  • intCampaign_Id:765
  • strSearch_Field:strCDA_765_field_0_1 [ [ --SEP-- ] ] strCDA_765_field_0_2 [ [ --SEP-- ] ] strCDA_765_field_0_3
  • strSearch_Value:Test1 [ [ --SEP-- ] ] Test2 [ [ --SEP-- ] ] Test3
  • strReturn_Fields:intCDA_765_Id

intCampaign_Id is the form into which the record will be added

strSearch_Field contains all the fields that will take data. Fields are separated by [ [ --SEP-- ] ]

strSearch_Value contains all the values to be inserted into those fields in strSearch_Field. Values are separated by [ [ --SEP-- ] ]

strReturn_Fields needs to contain it Id field of the form to get back the Id of the new record.

The following fields are system set and will be ignored if passed in

  • intCDA_X_Id. Auto incremented Id
  • strCDA_X_. Future use always set to blank
  • strCDA_X_Status. Status always set to "App Insert"
  • strCDA_X_Comments. Always set to blank
  • intCDA_X_NoOfAttempts. Always set to 0
  • intCDA_X_StaffId. Always set to the Id of the user logged in
  • strCDA_X_LastDateTime. Always set with the current date / time