Bulletin for bxp users - 2015-02-04

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1 Welcome

The bxp bulletin is a newsletter aimed specifically at bxp users. This bulletin provides a round up of the changes and relevant news for the last week.

If you have any hints, tips or suggestions you'd like added to our newsletter please get in touch. bulletin@bxpsoftware.com

2 New

2.1 Functions

038.png LiveSearchTable updated to have alternating colour background on results

038.png LiveSearchTable updated so titles are 30px high

038.png In Data Deletion, for Blank Records, a count is now displayed on screen before having to commit to an action.

050.png Project now has an "Active" field for quickly turning on and off project. TimeTracker appropriately reads this field. i.e. if False, will not display it as an option

050.png Project listing for edit displays the Active column

3 Fixes

3.1 Logic

050.png "Add Project(s) to User" link fixed.

050.png New project also adds the creator to the security of the project.

050.png New project redirects user to set user access immediately.

050.png New project redirects user to set user access immediately.

020.png "Lookup Job" link not returning description now fixed.

020.png Report processing order changed to speed up report generation. Layout reoriented to move visuals to the bottom of the page. Extra reporting buttons removed as non-essential.

009.png Search Dynamically updated to remove repeating data entries

009.png Inline tabs now displaying correctly in IE7

009.png Search fields and Inline Tabs now working correctly together. Extra validation added to handle no search fields or display fields specified.

056.png CSS style_master_modulespecific split into 3 to accommodate IE7 display restrictions

056.png Updated main style to centre entire interface on IE 5, 6 and 7

056.png Interface bar 3, Control Bar's EasyBar, fix to stop line wrap for long menus

056.png Interface bar 3, Control Bar's EasyBar, fix to show background colour in IE5

038.png Outcomes MetaData and Custom Data Parameter engine didn't delete last item if only 1 item in the list. Fix applied.

038.png Index added to CDA insertion routine.

4 Security

016.png System maintenance performed on all systems.

5 Articles

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5.2 News

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