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1 Overview

The book overview report is a useful tool for Training Managers.

The report displays a broad range of statistics and filters giving very useful information.

2 The Report

The report can be accessed through the eCourse Management module.

Main Menu >> eCourse Management >> Reporting >> Book Overview Report

On the selection page select the books that you wish to report on. Then click select.

The report may take a few minutes to display depending on how many books have been selected, and how much information is stored in each book.

When the report displays it will look like the below:


3 Breakdown

There is lots of information displayed, but what does it represent:

3.1 Book Counts

The first section of the report displays an overview of the book.

It shows the number of chapters, pages and assets stored in a particular book. It also lists all of the chapter names and displays a graph of the chapters broken down my number of times viewed.

Bookoverview 1.png

3.2 Viewers

There are two tables displaying the top 5 viewers and last 5 viewers for the book.

Bookoverview 2.png

3.3 Popular Pages

These tables display the top 5 viewed pages of all time, and the top five viewed pages in the last 30 days.

Bookoverview 3.png

3.4 Page Views Chart

This chart displays all the pages in a book, and the counts for how many times each page was viewed.

Bookoverview 4.png

3.5 With Access and Has Viewed

These tables are extremely useful. They display how many users have access to a particular book, and how many users with access have actually viewed the book.

By clicking on the counts for each table item, two reports are generated showing the user name, department, role and cost centre for each user.

Bookoverview 5.png

Bookoverview 6.png

Bookoverview 7.png