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1 Overview

bxp has the ability to generate custom bar codes, when saving a record in a form or through the API. These bar codes can have completely custom encoded content. To add a bar-code to a bx template simply create you template that you wish to generate when saving a record and note the following settings:

Setting Description
Enable PDF Bar Code This option when set to True, tells bxp to enable the bar ode engine for this template
Bar Code Type This lets bxp know the type to generate - PDF417
Bar Code Location Location to generate on the document - Top/Bottom - Left/Center/Right
Bar Code Size Size of the bar code to generate - Small/Medium/Large/Ex-Large
Bar Code Aspect Ratio Set the aspect ration of the bar code: 1 - 10
Outcome Mail Merge Save To CCL If this is set to true bxp will save a copy of the PDF document to the CCL history for the record
Bar Code Encoded Data The content of this is the data that will be encoded to the bar code, standard bxp -- replacments can be used. (Char Limit - 800)

2 Example Bar Code Settings

barcode Settings.png

3 Example Bar Code Render

barcode Sample.png

4 Example Scan

barcode Output.png