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Welcome recruiters, talent outsourcers and development outsourcers,

Here at All n One we get a lot of requests from external companies offering to supply us with human resources, talent and skilled resources.

We do appreciate the role you have to play but unfortunately we can't avail of these services for a number of reasons.

Firstly we operate a very secure development environment, so contractors or anyone not working in our offices is an immediate no go. We can't outsource to Eastern Europe or the Far East or even the States, as our secure development policy gives to our clients the comfort of knowing that all code is kept in house reducing the advertisement of potential security issues.

Secondly we have a training program which results in a number of months of upskilling and getting into the operations of All n One. bxp is an enormous platform and for the foreseeable future we don't work with temporary roles. We are a team and a close one. Those invited in, are invited in for the long haul.

For talent with great experience and amazing development history, also comes bad habits, particular ways of doing things and can make adjustment to our environment more difficult. It is a strength and a challenge for our company but an approach which has helped us grow to where we are today.

We work very closely with educational facilities, to provide people with the opportunity to learn what it's like to work in a secure development house. These students and interns learn what it's like on the job. From these placements the students get to know us and us to know them. All of our internships are unpaid from salary but repaid in training, teaching, support and networking (the social kind). We have been very lucky to consistently recruit from the amazing talent we meet from our local universities especially IT Tallaght.

We also work with international internship companies for placements so for shorter projects we can engage with these companies to provide a mutually beneficial arrangement for a wide variety of projects.

So thank you for taking the time to write to us to offer your talent pool and services but for all the reasons above we won't be able to take you up on your kind offer.

We wish you every success in the future with your placements and hope those talented teams you have find engaging fulfilling work.

All the best for the future.

Best regards

Philip Lacey

CTO of All n One on behalf of the All n One board.