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1 Introduction

From time to time, it may be necessary to send either a SMS or an email as part of an outcome, to internal users or external customers. As mentioned in the Wixi article Outcome Manager[1] this is possible through the External or Internal Communications section of the Outcome Manager

2 Adding an SMS

In this example we will use the External Communications section of Outcome Manager, as it is the most commonly used

1) Go to Home | Form Management | Form - Outcome Manager | Outcome Edit | Choose your form then outcome | External Communications

2) The 'External From' field, is where you can specify who the SMS is coming from. This can either be a Sender Id (text, e.g. bxp Software) or from a telephone number. The number can be either a landline or mobile, but must be in the following format of 35314294000, or 353861111111

3) The 'External To' field is where you link a mobile phone field from the form in question, so that the SMS being sent can be linked directly to the record the outcome was saved on.

4) The 'External SMS BCC Mobile Number' field is where you can specify any additional number(s) that the SMS should go to. These should again be in the above mentioned format, and if there are more than one, should be seperated by a comma. e.g. (353861111111,353872222222,353853333333 etc.)

5) The 'External SMS Body' is where the main body of text will go. This has an upper limit of 460 characters, and can pull in values from forms e.g. Customer Name by using Field Replacement e.g. -- strCDA_1_field_0_0-- or whatever the appropriate field name is

If you have any questions in relation to this process, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at +353 (1) 4294000, option 2