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1 Primary Function

This function will delete a CDA record in another Form.

2 Example uses

  • Quick remove items from an order
  • Quick remove contacts from a company in another form

3 Code

Application: This function ............
Version [1.0] Date [2016-08-29] Author [PJ]
function fn_FunctionName(){
	if (typeof aryAjax_Settings=='undefined') { alert('Library did not load'); }
	else {
		// Clear all settings

		// Security Settings
		aryAjax_Settings[0] 		= 'client_demo';
		aryAjax_Settings[22] 		= document.getElementById('intSystemGenerated_CompanyId').value;		//Auto Login - System
		aryAjax_Settings[23] 		= document.getElementById('intSystemGenerated_UserId').value;			//Auto Login - User
		aryAjax_Settings[24] 		= document.getElementById('intSystemGenerated_LoginKey').value;			//Auto Login - SessionId

		// Retrieval Settings
		aryAjax_Settings[16] 		= 'dbDeleteRecord';                 									//Engine to use
		aryAjax_Settings[3] 		= 1;																	//The form to insert into
		aryAjax_Settings[4] 		= 'null'; 																//The field to search on
		aryAjax_Settings[5] 		= 'null'; 																//The value to limit by
		aryAjax_Settings[13] 		= '-1'																	//Limit response
		//Display management
		aryAjax_Settings[15] 		= 'divWarning';               											//Where to draw error messages if any
		//Common Functional settings
		aryAjax_Settings[6] 		= 'intRecordIdDeleted';													//Has to be this value to match XML
		aryAjax_Settings[12] 		= 'Id_Of_Deleted_Record';                       						//XML header for troubleshooting
		aryAjax_Settings[17] 		= 'strCDA_1_field_0_1';   												//Field on the current page where the matched CDA Id will be written
		aryAjax_Settings[28] 		= '';																	//Function to be executed after retrieval
		//Function specific settings
		aryAjax_Settings[37] 		= document.getElementById('strCDA_1_field_0_1').value;  				//Id of the record to delete

		fn_Ajax_bxp_Process();																				//The main execution of the AJAX
		//Write URL out (Comment out after testing)
		if (document.getElementById('divURL')){
			document.getElementById('divURL').innerHTML = "<a href='" + aryAjax_Settings[7] + "' target='_blank'>Constructed AJAX URL</a>";

4 Troubleshooting

For any errors messages and troubleshooting AJAX please read here AJAX_-_Error_messages_and_troubleshooting

5 Associated reading

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