Bulletin for bxp users - 2015-10-29

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1 Welcome

The bxp bulletin is aimed at bxp users and it provides a round-up of our news for the last week.

If you have any hints, tips or suggestions you'd like added to our newsletter please let us know. bulletin@bxpsoftware.com

2 New

2.1 Functions

038.png 006.png bxp now has the ability to send communications to records stored within a form in a parent and child structure. This is achieved through our Communications Centre Module and you have the choice of SMS, Text Email and Rich HTML Email. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=Parent-Child_Communications

000.png There is an update on how to create Interface Bars for system customisation. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=Interface_Bars

006.png Queue Communications in bxp means communication is possible with a group that is queued up for contact. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=Outbound_-_Queue_Communications

016.png A new IP summary report for Security Champions is now available. See below to find out how to generate this new report.

  • Main Menu > System Access Management > Security Reports > Security > Login Report - All IPs

038.png Outcomes can be ordered numerically or alphabetically. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=Ordering_Outcomes

035.png Gamification "From" and "Subject" changes are now possible at Scheme level. Gamification_-_Award_Program

  • Main Menu > Gamification > Gamification Management > Scheme Edit > Choose your Scheme > Awards Engine > Awards - Engine >

016.png There has been a user profiling modification within System Access Management security reports.

  • Main Menu > System Access Management > Security Reports > Security - User Status > Choose a user >
  • User Status now displaying properly
  • Password Strength displayed
  • Expiry of elements now removed
  • Last access / use of all elements now included
  • System Login History (last 20 events)
  • System Use History (last 50 events)

2.2 Hamsters

048.png Group add users by Asset listing function fixed.

2.3 Logic

000.png Client Dashboard reporting change. Support and Billable hours now links through to Time Tracker Module reports providing breakdowns of hours associated to individual projects and work items. Bxp_Client_Dashboard_Report

038.png 041.png Console for examination now points to test, not inbound contact

000.png bxp api Documentation 7-4-3 fixed

000.png bxp api Documentation 7-4-4 fixed

000.png bxp api Documentation 7-3-12 fixed

2.4 New and Updated Wixis

Date Author New / Update Title Link Area
2015-10-07 PL New CC-2-1 Security training as a wixi CC-2-1_Security_and_Custom_Interface_configuration Training
2015-10-07 PL New FusionCharts updates and capabilities FusionCharts About bxp
2015-10-07 TG Update Updated links to relevant articles UK_Government_Cloud_Security_Principles Security
2015-10-06 PJ New BEmail-2-Email - Auto Send Receive BEmail_(_Email-2-Campaign_)_-_Auto_Send_Receive Form Management
2015-10-04 PL New Ordering Outcomes Ordering_Outcomes Form Management
2015-10-02 RC New Weekly bxp bulletin Bulletin_for_bxp_users_-_2015-10-01_-_Welcome_to_the_bulletin About bxp
2015-10-02 PL Update Addition of detail on what adding a question does Form_Add_a_Question Form Management
2015-10-02 PL Update Addition of Genesys Workspace details Scenario_-_bxp_Integration_with_a_Phone_System bxp api

2.5 3rd Party Newsletters

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Genesys - http://go.genesys.com/gsummit_endtoend_journey_mgmt.html?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRoluavBcu%2FhmjTEU5z17%2B4pXKK0h4kz2EFye%2BLIHETpodcMSMtiMrDYDBceEJhqyQJxPr3BLtYNztFqRhfqCQ%3D%3D