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1 Intro

So what does the All n One Contact Department actually do?

They are responsible for providing the primary communication conduit of the company. For all contact inbound, Contact is the first port of call.

Contact are also responsible for our Technical Operations Centre including ticket management and hamster management.

Contact is predominantly a responsive department, responding to various stimuli.

2 Support

Contact is responsible for first level response and the administration of the bxp support process. Primarily Contact delivers our triage process Bxp_Support_Triage_Process

For more details on the support bxp provides, please see Understanding_bxp_Support

3 Technical Operations Centre

Our Technical Operations Centre is also called our TOC.

Contact also manage response to our alerting and notification engine. The Hamster Wallboard, provides live information to allow corrective response and action.

Bxp hamster wallboard.png

Line 1 (Critical hamsters):

  • Green Hamsters
  • Jade Hamsters
  • Emerald Hamsters
  • Apple Hamsters
  • Help ME! requests

Line 2 (Non critical hamsters):

  • White Hamsters
  • Olive Hamsters
  • Lime Hamsters
  • Suggestion Box queries
  • New Users added to systems

Line 3 (bxperience feedback):

  • Excellent feedback
  • Good feedback
  • Poor feedback
  • Awful feedback

Line 4 (Internal ticket management)

  • Content tickets
  • Frameworks tickets
  • Infrastructure tickets
  • Security tickets