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1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

When performing Customer Relationship Management it is usually done to a group of existing customers. You will want to communicate a message to them of some form through some medium. bxp has the ability to facilitate any combination of processes and communications mediums.

The first step in this process is to locate your core customer data.

This demo provides a sample set of 100 records to experiment with. Alternately you can supply your own list which bxp will automatically build and adapt to.

1.2 Background

This flexible approach to campaign building is born of the vast experience in Business Process Outsourcing delivered by the All n One management team and where the entire platform was created from.

Building database structures, providing real time reporting and managing records is the core essence of bxp.

A marketing manager may approach an outsource company for a campaign to be delivered. What if that manager could control all the operational details with real time reporting. No IT setup. Build in seconds. Completely control all aspects of the process from end to end. bxp delivers on every aspect of this and has done since 2005!

2 Common Applications and Scenarios

We have an excellent scenario available describing how bxp can support a campaign from end to end. Scenario_-_bxp_for_Outbound_Campaign_management

3 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q = Question
  • A = Answer
  • L = Relevant link (if applicable)

  • Q = What data sources can bxp read from?
  • A = The short answer is every one of them. If your data is in a very custom system / format and you want to move away from that system, then just chat to the team in All n One and we can help you plan your move and with our technical know how get you there faster.

  • Q = Can you do mass email sends?
  • A = Yes, with grouping and also with custom replacements. We also can provide email tracking and click through rates.

4 Modules Demonstrated

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Related Articles
038.png Form Management The building, editing and operational management of database forms for numerous modules Module_-_Form_Management
012.png Outbound Contact For processing through pre-loaded records in a pure outbound or blended contact way Module_-_Outbound_Contact

5 Further reading