Bulletin for bxp users - 2015-11-05

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1 Welcome

The bxp bulletin is aimed at bxp users and it provides a round-up of our news for the last week.

If you have any hints, tips or suggestions you'd like added to our newsletter please let us know. bulletin@bxpsoftware.com

2 New

2.1 Functions

000.png How Fast is bxp? - The average page size of bxp is around 11KB but of course this can be affected by the amount of content contained in the page. Because of this, images and style sheets are cached whenever possible.

bxp is a SaaS solution, accessed via a browser so the users own network can also affect speed. We've created an article which can help you diagnose potential issues within your own network if you feel that bxp is slow. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=How_fast_is_bxp%3F

000.png Interface Bars - The I Want To Bar is an interface bar made up of four sections; Reminders, Change, Help and eCourse. The bar is customisable and can be tailored to include your own personal buttons and links.



002.png MetaData - MetaData is a data retrieval module that can pull data from other sources into bxp. It then transforms this data into reports and can also transferring data to other systems.

There are four stages associated with MetaData; Retrieve, Input, Process and Output.


3 Fixes

3.1 Logic

038.png There have been a few modifications and improvements to the Excel form creation / load process.

  • Stack auto sets to run, so no need to show Set Working Outcome as part of a sales pitch. Form builds and is ready to go instantly.
  • Move Next Record bar also turns on instantly, which makes it easier for users to check that their data loaded.
  • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Create from Excel

038.png There has been a small modification to the Form Management console.

  • If you use Question Management, the top Item "All Settings" now shows all form settings.
  • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit

038.png Outcome editing got a little more interesting and a bit more usable.

  • Listing shows all outcomes, sorted by live, then by order, then by name alphabetically
  • Wixi links added to show features of outcomes more easily
  • Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Outcome Manager > Outcome - Edit

038.png 006.png bxp now has the ability to send communications to records stored within a form in a parent and child structure. This is achieved through our Communications Centre Module and you have the choice of SMS, Text Email and Rich HTML Email. http://www.bxpsoftware.com/wixi/index.php?title=Parent-Child_Communications

020.png When you create a new project through the Time Tracker Module, you are automatically brought to the security part of "Add users to project"

  • Main Menu > Time Tracker > Management > Add Project

061.png 030.png The interval for generating Trend Reports is now remembered for next use

  • Main Menu > Data Profiling > Instant - Visualisations > Visualisation - Quality - Trending Report

000.png Rich text editor has now been updated to facilitate tags for putting in FLV / SWF objects.

4 Articles

4.1 New Wixis

Date Author New / Update Title Link Area
2015-11-05 PL Update MetaData - Overview MetaData - Overview MetaData
2015-11-05 PL New MetaData - Retrieve MetaData - Retrieve MetaData
2015-11-03 PL New I want To Bar The I Want To bar bxp Interface
2015-11-03 PL New Interface - Building your own asset bar Interface - Building your own asset bar bxp Interface
2015-11-03 PL New How fast is bxp? How fast is bxp? About bxp
2015-10-28 RC New Weekly bxp bulletin Bulletin for bxp users - 2015-10-29 About bxp
2015-10-23 PJ New Parent-Child Form Linking Parent-Child Communications Form Management
2015-10-23 PJ Update Interface bars - General Interface Bars bxp Interface

4.2 3rd Party Newsletters

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