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1 Overview

The interface of bxp is a very customisable entity. It provides system owners drastically different ways of customising the interface. This document provides the links to learn a lot more and provide some customisation options.

Login ladbrokes.png Login eir.png Screen bureau.png Login fexco.png Screen wild.png

2 Primary Interface Options

The easiest changes possible are the primary configuration options of the system. Primary_Interface_Options This sets the primary button colouring and background colouring.

The default width of the system is designed to help set the width to be the most common width. bxp doesn't support dynamic widths for a number of specific reasons. This set width optimisies for your most common operational screen size.

You can also change the font to a web safe font from this screen as well.

3 Background Images

It is possible to have completely custom background images. Background_Image

4 Custom CSS

You can add your own custom CSS at a system or even a user level Custom_CSS

Main dublincitycouncil.png Main allnone.png Login 3mobile.png

5 Functionality

The interface itself can have different functions as required. This allows for drastically different functional experiences. Interface_Bars

6 Big Buttons

On a lot of system customising the landing page, to make use of big button functions can provide greatly enhanced experience for users. Control_Bar_Big_Buttons

ControlBar Grouping Buttons.png

It is also possible to have custom menu options using the Control Bar Control_Bar_-_Grouping_Links

7 Style and creativity

We love to see what you can come up with. Why not be inspired Come_and_create_your_perfect_idea