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1 Welcome

My name is Philip Lacey and I'm the original creator of bxp. The project started in my bedroom when I believed that there should be a tool to make running a business process outsourcing business better.

I didn't have a clue if it was going to work. I just had an idea and made it happen. The whole thing was built on a single machine, web and db server together using Notepad and Dreamweaver. MySQL was independant from Oracle. IIS came with Windows 98 Professional.

bxp's big break came in 2005 when I met Nick Wheeler and Chris Thomson. I built, they tested and fed back. I learnt, they learnt, bxp grew. 2008 we launched it to a declining Irish contact centre market and it stuck. People got it.

To this day people still get it and more and more are getting it. "Where is it going next?" is what so many people are now asking me and our team.

2 Inspiration

I am a huge believer in life long learning. Every day there is so much more to learn and grow from. I am a staunch advocate of TED. I've watched some videos numerous times as they always carry more and more meaning for what I do and how our business works.

One in particular I wanted to share with you. When I started watching this video I was in the kitchen making some food with a very French accent in the background. The off the cuff style soon grabbed my attention and I was enthralled.

I didn't know when it started by Philippe Starck is a big wig in design. Whilst I may not agree with all of his points one part of his talk struck me greatly.

"We can say to our children, OK, done, that was our story. That passed. Now you have a duty: invent a new story. Invent a new poetry. The only rule is, we have not to have any idea about the next story. We give you white pages. Invent. We give you the best tools, the best tools, and now, do it. That's why I continue to work, even if it's for toilet brush. "

This is what we do every day in All n One. We provide you with the best tools... the white page of a new form or eCourse. I echo his sentiment. Come, use bxp and show us what the best tools can do in the hands of YOU the artist. That's why I continue to work.

Please ... come ... create your perfect idea ... your new story ... your new poetry.

3 The Video