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1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

This phase of the demo is to show case how quickly and automatically our instant reports generate.

Whilst only a small selection of the full range of reporting available it does show how little effort need be applied to get effective reporting.

1.2 Background

Topic 4 CC-1-4 Introduction to Contact Centre Reporting [1]

The reporting available in bxp is extensive and suitably documented to support it. Form_Reporting

2 Common Applications and Scenarios

There are three levels of reporting

  • Operational
  • Managerial
  • Strategic

Within bxp, "instant" reports can provide the majority of operational reporting.

By using the "customised" reports managerial reporting is delivered.

For Strategic reporting use of the KeyStats module is paramount as it allows instant, completely operation specific with drill down reports to be constructed.

3 Frequently Asked Questions

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4 Modules Demonstrated

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Related Articles
038.png Form Management The building, editing and operational management of database forms for numerous modules Module_-_Form_Management

5 Further reading