Rolling Totals - Parameter Passing

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Rolling Totals reports are exceptionally useful reports for providing statistical counts of records by any number of criteria and roll up headings.

To make the reports even more powerful, they have been extended to accepting information and details through the Query String.

Using a sample link

Dissecting the links parts:


Module: datamining/

Page: rptRollingTotals_StartDate-data.asp

? shows that parameters now follow & separates parameters

Parameters: intRollingTotals_Id=20 dteRollingTotals_Start=2014-05-08%2010:04:14 strGender=Male strProblems=Bereavement

intRollingTotals_Id is the Id of the Customised Group where the Rolling Totals report settings are stored. In this case report 20.

dteRollingTotals_Start is the key date around which the Rolling Totals report is generated. The %20 in the middle represents a space in the value. So the parameter will be read by BE as "2014-05-08 2010:04:14" without the double inverted commas.

It is then possible to add as many custom parameters to the fields as are required.