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1 Overview

The purpose of the Replace Permissions function is to allow a System Champion/Admin to update a user's access and permissions quickly and simply, by overwriting the current permissions with those of another user.

1.1 Career Pathing

An example scenario for this would be career-pathing. If an employee gets promoted, they may need additional access to forms and functions. Therefore, instead of selecting each new option one by one, you can replace these permissions en masse based on a user already in that role.

1.2 User Access Management

Another common use of this functionality is in User Access Management where template user permissions can be applied to a new user or a user who is changing to a role that has a different role template.

2 Using the Replace Permissions Function

Main Menu > System Access Management > User Administration > Edit User - Replace Permissions

  • Search for and select the user you wish to change the permissions for
  • Select the name of the template user (the person who already has all the required access)
  • Select the options to replace as required
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Update the Permissions'

Adding permissions will ADD to existing permissions
Replace permissions will REMOVE historically granted permissions in this area

AF Capture.PNG