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1 Introduction

Public Links in the Control Bar module are used to give quick and easy access to different users, for any content in the bxp software system that has a URL. E.g. a shortcut to a frequently run report, a quick link to a newly created eCourse or training manual, etc.

Public Links are intended to be accessible to multiple users. Private Links are only accessible to the person who created the link.

Public links are especially useful in Team scenarios where many users need to see the same information.

2 Scenario : Creating Links to an eCourse

PLEASE NOTE : In this scenario it is assumed that an eCourse has already been created

2.1 The Easy Way

1) Go to eCourse ECourse icon.png | Read a Book | Select the book you want

2) Near the top right of the screen click on the button “Add this page as a Control Bar Public Link”

3) Type the name of the link in the “Title” box. This will be the description that appears on the public button. Then scroll to the bottom and click Save

4) Lastly, and most importantly, you must click on the link “Click here to allow users permission to access this link” and select all the users that you want to be able to access the link

2.2 From Scratch

1) Repeat step 1 above

2) Copy the URL (web address) of the book

3) Go to Control Bar Control Bar Icon.png | Public Links | Create a Public Link

4) In the “Address” field, paste the URL from step 2

5) In the “Title” field type the name of the link, scroll to the bottom and “update link”

6) Repeat step 4 above

If you have already created a link that you simply want to go back and give access to other people, go to Control Bar | Security Management | Allow Users Access to Link, select the link you want to add, then select all the required users and click Save.