Welcome to the Training and Documentation area of this Wixi. This starting page will allow you to navigate to the latest versions of our formal training documentation. We are working intensively to get all of our material online to provide modular based training in a structure that will guide you through bxp that is both logical and progressive.

bxp provides solutions in five arenas

  • Contact Centres
[CC] Contact_Centre_Training
  • Customer Relationship Management
[CM] Customer_Relationship_Management_Training
  • Learning and Development
[LD] Learning_and_Development_Training
  • Quality Assurance
[QA] Quality_Assurance_Training
  • Systems Integration
[SI] Systems_Integration_Training

We break the training up into five levels

  • [1] Operational - Beginner
  • [2] Operational - Intermediate
  • [3] Operational - Advanced
  • [4] Managerial
  • [5] Strategic

Within each of these levels we provide five training courses, suitable to that level.

The key words are Arenas, Levels and Courses. bxp has formal training courses available with a Driving Licence certificate produced for each Level. A mastery certificate is available for completing an entire arena.

Click on one of the arenas above will bring you to the training courses available in that arena.