Security - New Rights

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1 Overview

Your new rights as a user in relation to personal information and data in line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

Please read this section carefully to make sure that you are aware of your rights.

This is not a legal document. 

2 The Right of Access

You can easily request a copy of all your personal details by writing to any organisation or person holding this information on a computer or in manual form.

This will make it easier for you to verify the lawfulness of the processing of your data and give you the right to see what data and supplementary information an organisation holds. All organisations are obliged to provide a copy of this information to you free of charge and must deliver it within one month of receiving your request.


3 The Right to Erasure

If there is no reason to continue holding or processing your data, the right to erasure, gives you the right to request that your personal data is deleted.

However, this is not an automatic right and can only be requested in specific circumstances:

  • When data is no longer required for the purpose it was originally collected.
  • When you, the individual, withdraw consent for your data to be processed.
  • When there is no compelling reason to continue processing your personal data.
  • If the personal data was collected or processed unlawfully.
  • In order to comply with legal obligations.

4 The Right to Restrict Processing

You have the right to request that the processing of your personal data be paused or stopped completely. In these instances, an organisation may continue to hold your data, but must not recommence the processing of the data until the issue is amended. 

You may take this course of action if you feel that the personal data being processed is inaccurate or if you wish to stop processing, but not go as far as full erasure. As in the case of rectification, it is the responsibility of the organisation to contact all other parties to whom your personal data may have been distributed.


5 The Right to Data Portability

Data Portability will enable you to access the personal data held about you and reuse it without hindrance. 

You can easily request that your data be delivered to yourself or a third party. 

6 Automatic deletion of unused data

Data that is no longer used or has any use is automatically deleted.