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1 The Hamsters

From time to time, any system will generate an error message. Most IT systems use "Fatal Error", "Run For The Hills" or the "Blue Screen of Death". This rather doom-laden approach often leaves users fearing that civilisation is over and raising stress levels unnecessarily. In bxp software we deploy a crack team of Hamsters instead. In the background we are emailed all the technical information that lead the user to that error, but the user is presented with a friendly message and a pointer as to next probable steps. Below is our cast of hamsters with their resumes.

A lot of consideration went into the social engineering aspect of choosing the hamsters to reduce stress when using a computer system. The hamsters don't show up all that often but it is important to know that there are mountains of alerts which keep the BE support teams vigilant.

Not everyone likes images of hamsters, so it is possible to turn the hamsters off system wide. If you prefer not to see the hamster images contact your System Champion who can request the change.


2 404 - Resource / Page Not Found Hamster - Snowflake

This error message is usually generated by a user typing in the wrong address in the address bar of the browser. Check and try again.


3 500 - Programming or System Error Hamster - Aspara"GUS"

These are system error messages and the highest priority of the BE support team. He receives immediate action and your account manager will usually contact your System Champion direct. We refer to Gus as our Green Hamster, due to the image background and the non-alarming nature of the colour green. There are a few varieties of green with BE that you System Champion will receive. Green, Lime, Emerald and Jade. All are treated with equal importance but signify different areas of issue. All of them are immediately handled by the BE support team.


4 500 - bxp API Error Hamster - Apple

These are system error messages and the highest priority of the BE support team for all issues relating to the bxp API. The name comes from API-L or Apil becoming Apple. These errors are treated with equal importance as Green hamsters.


5 000 - Engine Security Hamster - "BO"ld

If someone attempts to use some part of the system to which they have not been granted access, Bo will appear. He will send details of the IP address, username and system to the support team and the client System Champion. Contact your System Champion for permission to access this part of the system.


6 001 - Resource Security Hamster - Luke

Like Bo, Luke appears when a user attempts to access a campaign or eCourse without permission. Luke will inform the support team and the client System Champion automatically. Contact your System Champion for permission to access this resource.


7 002 - Streaming Hamster - River

River, is a security hamster which allows us to audit the files that are being uploaded into BE. This support mechanism allows the security team and the contact team that you might need a hand with your campaign or need a hand with data loading in the near future.


8 003 - Help ME! Hamster - Ginger

When a user requests Help from the Public web site or within a BE system, a Ginger email is created. Gingers are second in priority action to Gus hamsters. The primary course of action for a user is to follow up with the System Champion ASAP.


9 004 - Suggestion Box Hamster - Ida

Ida is associated with the suggestion box and will encourage you to be as creative as possible.

The Earl

10 005 - eCourse Asset Hamster - The Earl

When trying to access a resource in an eCourse, that isn't available to you account, The Earl appears. Just as with Bo and Luke, an email is sent to the support team and the client System Champion. Contact your System Champion for permission to access this resource.


11 006 - Scheduled Event Hamster - Chronos

Chronos is the personification of time in Ancient Greek. For All n One and bxp software, Chronos is the scheduled event notification hamster which reports internally and externally to clients that an event properly fired on time.


12 007 - New User Hamster - Baby

For all new users we log a hamster to signify their account on bxp

13 The growing family

If you own a hamster, or have cute photos of one you'd like incorporated into the system, please let us know. The hamster family is growing all the time as we strive to deliver better feedback to our system users.

No Hamsters were harmed in the creation of this site, although The Earl got a bit grumpy when we took his picture.