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Creating users in BE

Creating new users in BE is as easy as a walk in the park.

Log into the sysetm

From the Main Menu, find the module called System Access Management (SAM)

In SAM, open up the "User Administration" section

Click on "Add User - Security Details Only"

Then fill in the details and click the sections you want the user to have.

Done and dusted emoticon

Couple of useful notes:

1. Although creating users is straight forward, it may be easier to "Copy" a user. As this will tick all the same sections and grant permissions identical to the copied user.

2. For mass user loading, BE allows a list of users to be uploaded and using an existing user as a template create as many users as you need. (Eazy-peazy)

3. Often our users will "Add" a user using "User Setup Requests" and "Request New user". This user will not be live, but can be edited to change their status from "Pending" to "Live"