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1 Overview

This function is part of the bxp API App suite of functions. Bxp_API_-_APP_API

2 List Listees

Primary Function: Provide listing of incomplete lister items (listees).

Listees are work items which can serve as simple reminders of work to be done. Lister

These functions only return incomplete items for the person logged in.

  • list_listee_incomplete - Lists all incomplete listees
  • list_listee_category - Uses strCategory to do a like search.
  • list_listee_title - Uses strTitle to do a like search on complete and incomplete.
  • list_listee_due - Uses strWhen to do specific listing

You must post four key pair values. (not including the semi colons)

  • strFunction:list_listee_incomplete
  • strSystem:client_demo
  • intClient_Id:123
  • strClient_SessionField:asdfasdfasdf

There three optional key pair values also to be posted

  • strTitle:Title
  • strCategory:Category
  • strWhen:overdue

strWhen keywords

  • overdue
  • notime
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • thisweek
  • nextweek
  • thismonth
  • nextmonth

The system will respond with XML.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<dteLister_CompleteDate>2000-01-01 00:00:00</dteLister_CompleteDate>
		<strLister_Title>APP Demo Lister 3</strLister_Title>
		<strLister_FromDate>2015-08-16 11:15:25</strLister_FromDate>

3 Create Listee

It is also possible to inject a lister item.

  • insert_listee

It just requires one field strTitle which will be added with a category which will always be Personal and no date and time for completion.